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Edge Polishing

When an impact is applied to a mobile phone, the glass that mainly composes the panel is damaged. In order to improve durability, the current trend is to use glass edge polishing which is the core equipment of the edge polishing process.

Edge Polishing 이미지
Edge Polishing
  • Batch Type
  • Applies a polishing surface pressure control device.
  • Applies a stirring device to prevent precipitation and coagulation of abrasives.
  • Applies a circular cover to prevent leakage of abrasive.
  • An automatic abrasive cleaning device is used.
  • A polishing glass alignment device is used.
Edge Polishing사양 표 입니다.
Item Specification
Corresponding size 2.8“~11”
Tact Time Different according to product specification
Align Type Glass alignment device

Edge polishing supply record

Edge Polishing 납품실적 표 입니다.
Year Product. Size Customer Q’ty Remark
2017 2.8” ~ 11” S社 33sets -
2018 2.8” ~ 11” S社 21sets -