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Laminator is a technology that protects the target surface and improves strength and stability in surface processing of printing material or packaging paper. It is an automation facility that attaches polarizing film, FPR film (Film Patterned Retarder), and OCA film to the LCD panel precisely without bubbles.

Lamination 이미지
  • In-line Type
  • • Applies EFU & anti-static device to maintain cleanliness
  • • Applies Corner Peeling or Tape Peeling method
  • Attachment type
    • Roll to Roll
    • Roll to Plate
    • Drum Attachment Type
    • MRS(Micro Sheet) Type
  • Applies Vision Align
Laminator 사양 표 입니다.
Item Specifications
Corresponding Size 1~100inch
Panel thickness 0.4~2.2t
Tact Time 4sec(4“Base), 5sec(5.6“Base), 9.5sec(10.4”Base), 9.5sec(17.3“Base), 9.5sec(23”Base), 10.5sec(32“Base), 50sec(72”Base)
Cohesion degree - Within Roll to Roll: 100㎛
- Within Roll to Plate: 100㎛
- Within MRS Type: 50㎛

Supply record of Laminators

Lamination 납품실적 표 입니다.
Year Product. Size Customer Q’ty Remark
2010 23" L社(PJ) 3LINE POL
17.3" L社(Gumi) 2LINE POL
2011 47" L社(PJ) 2LINE POL
23" L社(Gumi) 1LINE POL
47" L社(PJ) 1LINE POL
24" L社(Gumi) 7LINE POL
2012 32" L社(Poland) 5LINE POL
55" L社(A) 1LINE FPR
55" L社(PJ) 1LINE POL
23" L社(Gumi) 3LINE POL
17.3" L社(Gumi) 1LINE Drum Pol
2013 32" L社(A) 1LINE FPR
32" L社(PJ) 2LINE POL
47" L社(A) 2LINE FPR
2014 5" L社(A) 2LINE POL
72" L社(PJ) 1LINE POL
7.85" L社(GUMI) 3LINE POL
17.3" L社(GUMI) 1LINE POL
2014 6" L社(A) 1LINE Curved
17.3" L社(GUMI) 1LINE POL
2016 7.7" L社(A) 1LINE POL
10.4" L社(GUMI) 1LINE POL
5" L社(China) 1LINE POL
2017 6" ISHYAMA(Japan) 1LINE POL
2020 43" A社(China) 1LINE Drum POL